Mobile Mapping

The Leica Pegasus:Two mobile mapping solution uses one or several laser scanners in combination with GNSS receivers, IMU and a DMI. Acquire accurate and precise spatial data with six to eight cameras on any vehicle.

Leica Pegasus Two

Leica Pegasus: Two

Leica Pegasus:Two is a complete mobile mapping solution from hardware to object extraction and provides an integrated hardware platform including cameras and lidar profilers with an external trigger and sync output for additional sensors. Simply fly-in, collect, then fly-out – no dedicated, modified vehicles are required – batteries included, measure the unlimited.

Leica Pegasus BackPack

Leica Pegasus: Backpack

The Leica Pegasus:Backpack is an award-winning wearable reality capture sensor platform. A highly ergonomic design combines five cameras offering fully calibrated 360 degrees view and two LiDAR profilers with an ultra-light carbon fibre chassis. It enables extensive and efficient indoor or outdoor documentation at a level of accuracy that is authoritative and professional.
This unique mobile mapping solution is designed for rapid and regular reality capture. It is completely portable, enabling it to be checked in as luggage on a flight. The Pegasus:Backpack is designed to act a sensor platform with our standard external trigger and sync port outputs.