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Our Mission
To use our decades of experience, to build lasting relationships and to be a reliable partner in offering high precision positioning solutions.

While there are many network choices to precision GNSS users, SmartNet is truly unique in the industry. SmartNet was built to provide high-precision, high-availability Network RTK corrections for any application, using any constellation, while at the same time being open to all on a global scale. And while our competitors can trumpet one or two of these abilities, no other network can truly provide eveything we do.

SmartNet North America has the most extensive Network Coverage of any network service provider on the continent. With over 1,100 stations in 36 states and 8 provinces, we have coverage where you need it. We provide corrections in a variety of formats and accuracies, from full network corrections (MAC, iMAX, ViRS) to nearest single baseline and DGPS corrections.